Sunday, October 20, 2013

what am i working on???

here's a pic from a work in progress...
well obviously I'm not in a photography class so I didn't take this picture...

well I took the pictures, as in a took them off of a public web site....lots of pictures on google...
pretty bright an sunny eh? not my usual style eh? well I'm doing this for school! gotta stay in the curriculum!

is it starting to come together yet? I didn't say what class this is for, did I? It's a super neat-o class where I learn a new tool that's all the rage! yes, an artist's tool that is so important that I actually needed a whole class to learn it! which I needed cause I was not getting it on my own. what program do you ask?
Photoshop of course!! As you can see im not very far in it. Even though the class is almost 4 hours it never seemed to be enough time. Not when I'm still trying to get the basics down. my time felt like a constant bit of trial and error. then following up with much question asking.  Slowly and surly the basics have been had. Fortunately Tara helped me get my hands on a copy of PS at home! now I can work on this at my own time. It's part of what was missing, I needed more then 4 hours in one day to be able to poke and prod this program so that I can truly learn it. I've been able to add the photo elements necessary for the project, but now I need to start painting some of the other elements by hand. That, I need to be at school for because I do not own a com-pen at the time being. I'm supposed to learn the brush and paint mixing tools with the stylus so i'm going to add a few more photo shop bits for now while I can, and spend a good portion of class hopefully painting my guts out with the stylus. which by the that ive used one, I definitely need it....well I don't need it.....but I #@($*(# need it! sorry no new hand drawn stuff has come out yet! I got four classes and they all need my attention plus I still haven't located the cords for the scanner yet since the move! stay toon'd my faithful!

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