Tuesday, October 8, 2013

ho ho my happy followers! ...all 5 of you...
             finally a new post, and a new post with exciteing news! new art to follow.... For those of you who have been following my art or just know me in general you will either know now, or be happy to know that i have moved from being a free lance amateur artist to an art student training in the ways of professional artist! My major is in animation because my dream is to make cartoons and eventually original cartoons of my own design! I am one quarter into classes already and have more then enough new and interesting things to post. I need to set up my scanner though which has been more problematic then i thought would be.
              i know my last post was back in the before times of 2011...when gas was cheap and the government was not shut down. it seems so long ago, but work was slow on the art front so nothing got made and i got frustrated. well years between posts will be a thing of the past now as this blog is part of my work at the school! i enrolled at the art institute of seattle btw. so weekly if not daily you will be seeing new things! new crafts and new project with me working in new mediums. which is great cause my arse needs to know photoshop and everything in between.
               i hope you all like the new stuff, feel free to look at the old stuff! keep posts tastefull as my superiors will be looking at these things as well.

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